Welcome to the East Trax website

Welcome to the East Trax website. Before you proceed to the main page please spend a couple of minutes reading the following and then click on either 'Accept' or 'Decline'. We have been forced to adopt some new rules in order to stop the track from possible closure.. Thank you


No engines are to be started before 11am.

Absolutely NO riding in the Paddock area at any times. 3 warnings and you go home!! Dismount at the Exit gate please.

Please DO NOT leave your litter when you go. We have provided a large skip for it all. If you continue to ignore this request then we will increase the gate prices so that we can employ someone to clean up after you. This is unfair to those who are considerate towards others!

The riding of pit bikes is to be allowed, with certain conditions..

1. Correct riding kit required on track, same as MX riders wear. No trainers etc...

2. Noise level to be within limits, if not you will not be allowed to ride.,

3. You will only be allowed to ride with the Juniors, any 'bullying' will guarantee you an early exit and a ban!!


Lets all get on together and enjoy the time

ACCEPT                                         DECLINE