Welcome to East Trax

***PLEASE READ : UPDATED 9.10.2018***

Sadly over the last few weekends many documented noise complaints were made to the KLWN Council, even recordings were sent in using the app the council has provided, We have tried our very best to make sure everyone who rides at Eastrax uses a standard exhaust system, or a baffle, but a few people managed to ride with not only race systems, but with damaged silencers!, and have now caused another full Investigation to happen.

To the people who have complained yet again, We are very sorry, and will work with Mark again to try and manage the situation we now are in.

But please kindly note : Eastrax has been open now for 16 years, It is a Motocross track, it is open Seven days a week (Six for main track) & was opened by HRH Duke of Edinburgh who is also the Patron of the Auto Cycle Union.

So, the main track at Eastrax's will now be CLOSED every Saturday again for the remainder of October 2018 at least.

The Kids track will still be open every Saturday and every Sunday.

Main track Sundays - TBA.

This measure has been taken to show that we are very aware of the noise issue, and to offer the people who are constantly complaining some respite from the "noise" every weekend. I hope that you all can now enjoy at least one day outside every weekend with out worry & can plan ahead to enjoy the Summer weather outside. The heat wave is set to continue so please take this as a positive action from Eastrax.

We are trying our very best to keep the track open for people to come and use, and to keep the people who are constantly complaining happy.

Note to riders :

Anyone caught with a non-standard exhaust system or no Baffle/Insert on the track will be Black flagged and asked to leave with NO refund. No excuses.

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand, this is all for the benefit of keeping the track OPEN.

Thank you. East Trax.




Below, click on either 'Accept' or 'Decline'. We have been forced to adopt some new rules in order to stop the track from possible closure. Thank you


No engines are to be started before 11am.

Absolutely NO riding in the Paddock area at any times. Dismount at the Exit gate & push your bike please.

Please DO NOT leave your litter when you go. We have provided a large skip for it all. Use it!.

1. Full riding kit required on both tracks, No trainers / work boots etc.

2. Noise level to be within limits, if not you will not be allowed to ride.,

3. Noise testing will be through out the day, if you try and ride with a non-standard exhaust you will be Black flagged and asked to leave.


ACCEPT                                         DECLINE